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Our Process

How we work

Step 1: Consultation and analysis

Before you invest, we’ll talk about your vision and your challenges to gain an understanding of what’s most needed for your work to move forward, and we’ll uncover your internal assets. Then, we’ll keep talking to get a shared understanding of where your work fits in the landscape for the work you do – i.e.: who are your partners, competitors or supporters? Finally, we’ll make a plan to address the challenges you’re facing, ensuring that we can identify the most meaningful outcomes that are relevant to your mission and scaled to the resources you have.

Step 2: Engage, gather resources and set objectives

Next, you’ll engage LukeWorks (and maybe others!) to execute that plan – including whatever kinds of internal changes you need to make, programs that need to be developed and funding that needs to be secured.

Step 3: Execute a plan of action and assess results

Typically, we’ll develop a program plan with a flat project cost. LukeWorks is priced to deliver the value you need for the investment within your organization. We’ll work the plan we’ve developed together – complete with meaningful milestones and expected outcomes. And then, together, we’ll assess whether we got where you wanted to go, and talk about the experience.

What will happen
if you hire LukeWorks?

  • You’ll be able to move forward the work you want to do together with others. LukeWorks does some of our best work serving as the “glue” for multi-partner collaborations or collective impact efforts.

  • Your program ideas will come to life, perhaps receive needed funding, and launch to fulfill your mission and vision.

  • Your organization will address a meaningful challenge – resulting in more effective, efficient, or differently-scaled work that fulfills your mission and vision.

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